PortaPivot Pivoting Door

PortaPivot offers anodized aluminum systems with invisible pivoting hinges, fixed to the floor and the ceiling, which allow for the optimization of the space thanks to large interior doors and divisions, glazed or solid, that are easy to operate.

  • Choice of three systems, adapted to different types of materials: glass, Corian, Trespa, MDF and others.
  • Up to four colors available depending on the chosen system: white, black, bronze and silver.
  • Complementary decorative elements.

Each PortaPivot system is available in 7 configurations :

  • Single door
  • Double door
  • Multiple doors
  • Single door + one fixed partition
  • Single door + two fixed partitions
  • Double door + one fixed partition
  • Double door + two fixed partitions

The PortaPivot systems are custom made, ensuring a precise fit tailored to individual specifications. They are also easy to assemble and install, adding another layer of convenience. PortaPivot’s innovative pivoting doors are not only a design statement, but also a practical solution for modern spaces.

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