Renson Retractable Pergola

The reputation of the Outdooring concept is now well established. What a pleasure to be able to extend the summer season, while combining design and utility. Terrace pergolas with louvers allow permanent contact with the environment, while providing protection against rain, wind and the sun. The ventilated patio roofs from the Renson Outdoor collection are designed to preserve coolness and air circulation.

For an even more comfortable experience, customize your pergola structure by adding features such as lighting, heating, audio equipment, sliding panels, protective blinds, and roller insect screens.

Renson offers plenty of different pergola models designed to suit any of your needs.

  • Camargue® : Clean design with perfect integration of side panels or options.
  • Camargue® Skye® : Fully retractable blades for a complete outdoor experience.
  • Algarve® : Freestanding or attached pergola, perfect for a contemporary, classic or modern home.
  • Aero® : Integrated blade roof for existing or new constructions. Practicality and elegance.
  • Aero® Skye® : Blades that can be oriented or retracted. Perfect integration into existing structures.
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