Frameless Sliding Window Sky-Frame Plain

Sky-Frame presents a new concept of frameless sliding windows that provides both fluidity of space and energy efficiency. Minergie Passivhaus-certified windows with triple glazing spreads from floor to ceiling and wall to wall for a spectacular look. Elegant and practical, the thresholdless passage ensures continuity between the interior and the exterior. A motorized screen can also be integrated for more comfort during Summer.

Many features and options

Drive : Enhance your comfort with the Drive solution, an electric drive system designed for easy navigation. With just a single button, effortlessly open and close up to 6 (3 + 3) sliding elements. The silent drive, seamlessly integrated into the ceiling profile, adds a modern touch to your space.

“Pocket” recess space for sliding elements : Experience spatial freedom without visual clutter with Sky-Frame’s Pocket solution. The sliding elements, cleverly concealed within a niche, remain invisible, providing a clean and streamlined aesthetic.

“Inline” aligned glazing : The Sky-Frame system is enhanced by the filigree post, with a minimal visible width of only 30 mm. This subtlety allows for a harmonious combination of frameless fixed glazing with sliding windows across extensive surfaces.

Colouration of your systems : Customize your Sky-Frame sliding window by selecting the coloured European matte texture of your choice for the frames, such as Axalta and Tiger Drylac. Each sliding window system that you choose is meticulously crafted, a product of artisanal craftsmanship that combines expertise and dedication.

SOLENA is certified for the installation of Sky-Frame products in Eastern Canada.

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