Saint-Gobain Heating EGLAS

For exceptional thermal comfort and uncompromising aesthetics, choose EGLAS, the revolutionary heated glass.

EGLAS is a heating glass, available in single, double, or triple glazing, which integrates almost invisibly into window frames, glass doors, and conservatories. This provides you with a solution similar to traditional insulated glazing. Thanks to a laser treatment of the conductive layer, the latest generation of EGLAS now eliminates the often bulky and unattractive electrical transformer. The installation is now simplified and discreet: each glazing connects directly to the power supply, similar to a traditional electric radiator.

EGLAS glazing can be used for windows, skylights, conservatories, doors, and much more. It seamlessly integrates into most existing window or glass door frames.

This solution offers many benefits :

  • By emitting evenly distributed warmth in a straight line, as well as eliminating the feeling of cold surfaces, EGLAS provides exceptional winter comfort without drying out the ambient air.
  • The invisible heating layer prevents any condensation on the window. EGLAS frees up space by allowing you to do without traditional radiators.
  • The comfort temperature (temperature you feel) is about equal to the average between the air temperature and that of the walls.
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