Schüco PASK sliding door system

As a partner with Schüco, SOLENA offers you a way to create unique spaces with the sliding doors from their PASK series.

The perfect blend of elegance and convenience, the PASK sliding door offers unparalleled ease of use and simplicity. To promote ventilation, only the door leaf (main panel) of the PASK French doors can be tilted, or the entire surface can be opened. With an elegant exterior integration and a smooth inward opening, the elements of the PASK fit gracefully into the frame, ensuring optimal tightness.

Schüco sliding doors move almost completely silently on non-corrosive stainless steel rails. All sliding units operate on a single level, without the door leaves protruding into the room. You have the option to combine up to six glass frames according to your needs.

Whether you want to use the doors outside as an opening to terraces or outdoor balconies, or as an elegant separation of indoor spaces, Schüco aluminum sliding doors will meet all your requirements.

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