Hirt swiss descending windows

The technology developed by the Swiss firm HIRT, of which SOLENA is the exclusive partner in Eastern Canada, makes it possible to create very large removable facades (more than 40m2 for the SF Special design).

HIRT solutions stand on a support structure connected to a counterweight. Their perfectly balanced system ensures a smooth and quiet movement, handled by a small motor. The facade slides silently until it disappears completely into the floor or ceiling. Compliant with Canadian standards, it provides impeccable thermal insulation and allows for air exchange without cooling the room.

Their SF Special design can take on any shape and accommodate various elements. From curved forms to designs with different radius sizes and a parabolic shape, horizontal sliding doors, solid wood or stone plates, cubic elements aligned with the building’s structure—the only limit is your imagination.

Several types of glass and panels can be used. It is also possible to integrate a door or even a motorized roller screen, embedded in the ceiling.

SOLENA realization with this product: Motorized Sash Window

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